2024 - Båtpool treningsavgift vår 2024

KNS has a fleet of five J 70, three J 80 boats, eight RS Zest boats, four RS Quest Boats and 10 windsurfer boards for adult that can be used by KNS members that have basic sailing skills. 

With our annual Boatpool membership fee boats and boards can be booked for regatta sailing, training or leisure. Seasonal maintenance of the boats is included. The season is normally between April 1st and November 1st.

Our Boatpool members have access to more than just boats, they are a part of a sailors’ network where they also meet new crew members and friends.

Boatpool members under 35 years of age, can for an extra annual fee of NOK 500,- become a member in our J 70 League and Regatta Group and take part in their weekly practices and regattas. Regatta group

Brukervilkår (Terms and Conditions of use):



The goal of the Boatpool arrangement is promote sailing broadly among our members. The boats can be used for both leisure and regatta sailing. We also think that boat ownership in the future will be more based on sharing than owning.

Boatpool members have the opportunity to form racing teams on their own as well as to participate in organized training and regatta sailing. KNS aims to replace the boats in the Boatpool every 5 years. 

Members of the KNS Boatpool have the opportunity to represent KNS at regattas Internationally during the winter

How to join

Joining KNS Boatpool is easy. Contact karl@kns.no for J 70 or lene@kns.no for J 80, Dinghies and boards.

You can join with your team (all team members must be member of KNS and have a Boatpool subscription), or you can join alone.

KNS will provide the contact information for other boatpool members so they can get in touch, find new teammates and plan training.

How it works

KNS Boatpool members must be registered before they can use the boats. Registration to the Boatpool requires an annual membership fee, KNS membership and basic sailing knowledge.

A general introduction program is provided to new users after registration. Thereafter, users are given access to use the boats using KNS online booking system. A Boatpool Facebook group is established to promote exchange and discussions among Boatpool users.

Use the boats in regattas
The boats can be used in local regattas. To use the boat in regattas such as Grundig Sailing Cup, Grundig Hankø Race Week and Kongens Serieseilaser you just have to book the boat in the booking system.

It is also possible to use the boats in regattas outside of Oslo. Please contact Karl, karl@kns.no for more information.

Boatpool Membership prices are:

  Poolbåt KNS priser 2024    
    vår høst
J 70   3250 3250
J 70 / J 80 / RS Quest, Rs Zest, inkluderer alle  båttyper   3500 3500

Special regulations relating to the use of the boats.
To use the J 70, everyone on board must be a KNS member and boatpool member.
For J 80, dinghies and boards, it is necessary that the responsible skipper who books the boat / board is a KNS member and a boat pool member. This gives you the opportunity to bring friends and family without membership

The keelboats are located in our Marina at Dronningen in Huk Aveny 1. 

Dinghies and boards are located at KNS Seilsportsenter Ulabrand.


Arrangør: Kongelig Norsk Seilforening
Dato: 31.01.2024
Påmeldingsperiode: 30.01.2024 - 31.12.2024

Priser og produkter

Pris påmelding fra kr 0 til 3500

  • J 70 Vår 2024 kr 3250
  • J 70 / J 80 / Joller Quest og Zest kr 3500

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